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Wheat Sourdough Systemline

Unit type
  • 2-stage wheatensour system, universally consisting of motherdough, production and storage fermenters in stainless steel design
  • Motherdough fermenter equipped with special propeller agitator tuned for starter reproduction
  • Production fermenter with integrated propeller agitator
  • Storage fermenter with special stirring unit tuned for storage of the wheaten sour douh up to its processing
  • Dosing pump on each fermenter, safe to run dry and robust design with double-function conduit distribution for product transfer, dosing out and cleaning
  • Semi-automatic SPS control Siemens Simatic with touch panel to meet the fermentation times, temperaturees and dosing quantity control

  • 2-phase Isernhäger wheaten sour dough
  • dough yield 220

  • Max. 48 hours

  • Negative weighing of the motherdough and production fermenters
  • Dosing pump control of the storage fermenter by negative weighing

System Configuration and Productive Capacities

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