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Multifermenter Multiline (Wheat)
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Multifermenter Multiline (Wheat)

System type
  • stand-alone predough system for rye sour dough, wheat sour dough, sponge and grain soaker with a capacity of 1400, 2800 or 4100 l
  • 3-walled tank with pillow-plate technology uniformly consisting of stainless steel
  • anchor-agitated mixer: special stirrer and wall wipers tuned for predough production, vigorously sized for an optimum mixing of all ingredients
  • dosing pump in run dry safe, robust design with tubing distribution for dosing out and cleaning
  • tempering aggregate in low-maintenance design for selective cooling and warming up of the system contents
  • PLC control to comply with the fermentation time and temperatures and dosing quantity control

  • 1 to 5 stage/s sour dough, sponge or grain soaker
  • at least flour: water ratio of 100:120 with predough made by flour, flour: water ratio of 100:250 with predough and sour dough made by kibbled grain or whole meal, flour: water ratio of 100:200 with grain soaker; all depending upon the selected predough process and the properties of the raw materials used

  • dosing pump control via potential-free contact by floor scale on behalf of the customer
  • negative weighing out

Process-Dependent Productive Capacities

IsernHäger Wheat Sour Dough
Multifermenter Multiline 1400 l 2800 l 4100 l
sour dough quantities
capacity, max. = 100 % 740 kg 1470 kg 2160 kg
capacity, min. = 50 % 370 kg 735 kg 1080 kg
Wheat Sponge
Multifermenter Multiline 1400 l 2800 l 4100 l
sour dough quantities
capacity, max. = 100 % 670 kg 1330 kg 1950 kg
capacity, min. = 50 % 335 kg 655 kg 975kg

Basics for Calculation
  swell factor
flour: water ratio
sour dough
basic raw material
IsernHäger wheat sour dough 1,9 220 0,25%
wheat flour T550
wheat sponge 2,1 220 0,4% wheat flour T550
3-stage rye sour dough 2,1 220 7,5% rye flour T1150
1-stage rye sour dough 1,7 220 5% rye flour T1150
grain soaker 1,3 300 - kibbled rye

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