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A500H Multiline (Flavouring heating system)

Standard configuration of system
  • 3-walled stainless steel tank with water bath covering
  • Heating medium water for the careful warming up of the product (no burning solid possible)
  • Anchor agitator for the complete mixing of all ingredients, with bottom- and wall scraper, powerfully dimensioned
  • Dosing pump protected against dry-motion (short time), robust construction
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) for times and temperature including display (HMI) and monitoring of the dosing volume

  • AromaStück®

Production capacity

Minimum Maximum
Production capacity per charge with flour-water-ratio of 100:200) 250 kg 500 kg
AromaStück® system per day with 2 charges per day 500 kg 1000 kg
Flour quantity to be processed per day (10% use flour of flour) 1666 kg 3333 kg
Bread quantities per day
(Rye bread 10% addition, BA 150 = flour-bread-ratio 100:150)
2500 kg 5000 kg

  • Lost weight dosing
  • 3m flexible tube

The information above concerns reference values, which can vary according to the flour quality.

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