Predough Centre
Quality Counselling

Predough Centre: Test Baking – Checking – Comparing

In the predough-centre you have the opportunity to find out under real conditions which guiding system matches your demands

Here you can test-bake under practical conditions and check the result.


You can bake parallel with different technologies according to your recipe and compare the results thoroughly. This surely is the best way to make the right decision.


Reproducible results are achieved under bakehouse conditions. This will facilitate your decision.

The Predough Centre as Laboratory

Alongside the development of new recipes and research in the fields of microbiology and baking technology, new product tests are conducted time and again in the pre-dough centre. Objectivity is assured by employing independent specialists as surveyors.

Aim of these tests is to question the present situation and to check possible changes for practical application.

Every bakery firm can use the results for further strategic planning.
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