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Wheat Sour by Isernhaeger

The IsernHäger WheatSour can be used in manifold application fields. You can either use it alone without any additions or in combination with an alternative recipe.
Further Issues
WheatSour can be combined even with common bakery improvers.

IsernHäger WheatSour:

  • Delicious taste
  • More freshness
  • Hearty crisp
  • Saving of bakery improver
  • Amazed customers

Maturing time 16 hours
Tolerance 24 hours without cooling
Dough output(TA) 220
Addition 5 to 15 percent of the entire flour
Consistency Liquid, pumpable
Wheat StartGut® IsernHäger Premium Quality

Difference Wheat Predough and Wheat Sourdough

Further Issues
Whether you want to produce wheat predough or wheat sourdough in this plant is up to you. The major difference is in the technology – with the wheat pre-dough it is often yeast and with the wheat sourdough it is often the StartGut® that is taken as starter.

Just try which type - wheat predough or wheat sourdough – leads to optimum results with your cakes and is more liked by your customers.

Wheat Sourdough: Short Process Description

 The wheat sourdough is a single-stage guiding consisting of water, wheat flour (mostly type 550) and StartGut®. The wheat fermenter will firstly be filled with water and then the wheat flour will be added on the top. The StartGut® will be crushed onto the wheat flour and slightly interfered. Due to the starting plant the raw materials will now be mixed homogeneously and the fermentation process will be started. (* a 0,3 percental addition of salt can, depending on the harvest, prevent an exceeding increase in volume of the wheat sourdoughs)

Plant Characteristics:
  • Entire plant cover can be opened (driven from below) – for easy fillings and cleaning procedures
  • Optimized propeller agitator to mix homogeneously and to ferment consistently
  • Dosing of the finished wheat sourdough/ wheat predough by means of inbuilt pump
  • Cleaning and hygiene-friendly plant design with materials suitable and approved for food
  • Control with process-adjusted programme
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