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Bread Fermentation: Short Process Description

This is a special procedure that turns bread from the previous day to a precious raw material of tomorrow. Additionally, this bread has then certain advantages as part of the sourdough production and does, thus, benefits the business-management sector.
Further Issues
Bread Fermentation with Faster Guiding System

Jens Stadtländer
The first stage will be produced manually in an Isofermenter (isolated container which keeps the temperature of the sourdough constantly at the same level) and has a maturity period of 24 hours.
The second stage will be produced in the bread fermentation plant. The bread added here (max. 50 % of the rye productions) will be crushed and homogenised. After 42 hours maturity time the bread fermentation is ready acidified and can be used as sourdough for one week.

Plant Characteristics:
  • Soft crushing of entire breads due to the slowly running agitator
  • Homogenisation of all raw materials to a stable, consistent sourdough
  • Dosing of the finished sourdough by means of inbuilt dosing pump
  • Cleaning and hygiene-friendly plant design with materials suitable and approved for food
  • Entire plant cover can be opened (driven from below) – for easy fillings and cleaning processes
  • Control system with process-adjusted programme

Bread Fermentation with 42 h Whole Sourdough

DeviceB 200
Labour inputOnly weekly production of sourdough (1. and 2. stage)
Dough output200 (2. stage)
Usable in plantsYes – Plant with bread crushing
Processing time
144 hours
Start quantity in % related to sourdough flour0,3 – 0,6
0,3 to 0,6 Recommendation: StartGut® for Bread fermentation or StartGut® for Bio-Bread fermentation
Addition quantity given to dough
25 %
Sourdough matures during the weekend. For each preparation material a new StartGut® will be delivered.
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