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Quality Counselling Sourdough

Further Issues

Filiz Hartmann
The quality of sourdough depends on factors which need special attention. Changed sourdough values often lead to unwanted change of the bread quality.
However, meaningful analyses executed within the factory cost time and money.

The Isernhaeger laboratory offers lab analyses and quality checks for bread fermentation.

The sourdough sample you send to us will be checked with the most modern technology within a short period of time. You will get an analysis via fax or email with the necessary recommendation for correction.

  • The cultures
  • Preparation temperature
  • Maturing conditions

This is how you can take aimed countermeasures – before your cultures go sour.

For all other guiding systems we recommend the convenient TITROLINE-analysis device for bread and sour dough check. For the easy application of the device you and your staff will get training.

Quality Counselling Bread – There is no safer way!

Further Issues

Jens Stadtländer
Internet Bread Check
In the portfolio of the IsernHäger services bread checks have a special status:
  • Make out weak points of production
  • Aimed intervention into the production process
  • Optimisation and assurance of quality
  • Online possible via Internet Bread Check
The IsernHäger computer-assisted bread checks recommend a correction for every error and aim to ensure the quality of production.

On request, IsernHäger develops together with you a bread profile which is consulted as a quality measure for all following checks. This is to ensure for your customers the quality they expect.
Regional preferences do not always comply with official prompts.

Best is for you to test us and request material via email for a free bread check.
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