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Internet Bread Check

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Jens Stadtländer
Quick and cost-effective for the highest product safety!

The IsernHäger internet bread check is the fastest way to conduct a bread check with high professional competence.
A revolutionary bread check which provides information on operational weak points alongside assessment and recommendation for adjustments.

The IsernHäger bread check delivers concrete information on:
  • Cause of errors
  • Cause of errors within individual production fields
  • Medium and long-term quality changes via a statistical documentation
Thereby your industrial safety is controllable at any point of time. The written documentation and the statistical data are used as a valuable basis for future investment decisions and for industrial optimisations, like staff training.

And this is how it works:

You need a customary scanner, a PC and access to the internet.

One slice of bread is scanned as a grey level picture and mailed to IsernHäger as a bitmap file.
There, the file is analysed with a specially developed analyzer. After a short time you receive detailed information on possible errors and recommendations for adjustements.

Fascinating advancement – what else?
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