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Is it a question of philosophy or are there good reasons to control a fermentation process by means of selected micro-organisms?
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Jens Stadtländer
The good old times when we plainly said “lets have a look into the pot in order to know what kind of packaging we need today”, have irrevocably gone.

Who wants to produce a reproducible consistent product quality, can not leave the necessary pre-dough or sourdough to chance.

The baker must rely on the fact that his pre-dough and sourdough provide all desired positive characteristics thus ensuring that the quality of his bakery products will be of a distinctive taste.

Therefore, you are invited to use our comprehensive StartGut® for a consistent rye sourdough, wheat sourdough, spelt sourdough and AromaStück®. Your customers will give you props!

Your predough specialist IsernHäger wishes you excellent pastries with an everlasting “guarantee for distinctive tastes”.

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