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The AromaStück® by IsernHäger

You want to differ from all the others?
To offer something special?
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Jens Stadtländer
You know that?, -
You are trying a cake and can’t help but enjoy the taste!

…If you had then to describe the taste, you are lacking for words, except – it’s just good. And this is just the same with many consumers who have tried a cake made with AromaStück®.

  • Longer freshness of your cakes
  • Distinctive taste profile of your cakes
  • Successful positioning with new types of bread

What’s behind of it?

For the AromaStück® grain mill material – optionally rye flour, rye shred, ray whole meal, wheat whole meal or spelt whole meal – will be heated together with water and a special starter culture.

After a development time of 3 hours with 65 degree, a large number of natural maltose pulp and aroma components have, supported by the special starter cultures by IsernHäger, built.

Due to the variable addition quantity, you can now determine what kind of flavour your cakes are to have (see table).

The application field of the IsernHäger AromaStück® depends, upon other things, on the raw materials used. An AromaStück® made of rye flour does not know >>any limits<<. There are companies that use the AromaStück® with butter cakes, with Danish pastry or in a common way with bread or bread rolls.

Addition quantity 5%Addition quantity 7,5% Addition quantity 10-12%
Wheat bread rollsWhole meal shred breadsWhole meal shred breads
Rye bread rollsRye breadRye bread
Special bread rollsRM breadsRM breads

WM breadsWM breads

White breadWhite bread


Cereal breadCereal bread
Pleasing browning, juicy crumb. Improved freshness. Round and harmonious taste.Improved freshness. Aromatic, slightly malty taste. Darker, rustic crumb colour.
In a special, temperature-controlled plant with 100 pieces oil seeds, 200 pieces water and the special Isernhäger AromaStarter.
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